Alii, Associate Photographer for BMP!

Alii Duncan, Bethany Miller Photography

I’ve spent years crafting BMP to be exactly as I envisioned. I have always said I believe in building an empire where young people feel safe to be themselves and love to create artwork that will last a lifetime. I put more time into my relationships with my clients then anything else. And it’s for one reason- they’re so much more then clients. They are the people who believe in me, believe in what I do and believe that there is a bigger purpose for us all. I found my purpose with the people who create so much more then just a photograph with me, but create memories that we can remember forever. By spending so much time behind the camera, it was time to bring on someone who truly has a passion to leave their mark on the world.

Some may know and some may have no idea… but in the last few weeks I have hired a new assistant to help run the behind the scenes, assosciate shoot and assist on sessions with me. Say hello to, Alii! No, that’s not a typo 😉 She spells her name two I’s!

Never in a million years did I think I would find an assistant that could love my Senior Crew, Legacies and portrait clients as much as Alli does. It’s been just a few weeks and she has gone above and beyond in more ways then I can even begin to thank her for. Are there perks to being a photographers assistant? Sure! You get to travel, eat tons of food and hang out with really great people all the time. That also comes with endless editing, long hours, becoming a human garment rack at every session and listening to way too much Beyonce. I mean guys, this photo of her was taken during a 10 second outfit change for our client today and I literally shot one frame. She’s a natural both in front and behind the camera!

I’m so beyond thankful for her endless love and devotion. I truly believe that this is just the beginning and I can’t WAIT to see where we are at the end!

Want to get to know more about Alii? Come meet the team!

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