Ashley | Senior Crew Spokesmodel | Serrano High School

Ashley met me for our first session together four years ago, and although it’s hard to believe that much time has passed, I love how our friendship has grown. Ashley and I have been mistaken for relatives in different variations (mom/ daughter, sisters), and the reality is, after so much time, we ARE just like family! I’m so very grateful for this bright young woman who has been by my side. Whether we are perfecting the “Vogue” (serious face) facial expression, or going on new adventures together, she is near and dear to my heart.

She calls Serrano High School home, and will be graduating this year. “I am looking forward to walking across that field for the last time at graduation, with my friends by my side who have been with me since kindergarten. I can’t wait to start my job, and get one step closer to my career”, explains Ashley. Her friends would describe her as outgoing, determined, and passionate, and I’d agree. All of those qualities are what makes her such an exceptional young woman! Besides being a spokesmodel, and joining me on many shoots, she is also part of the High Desert Medical Explorer program, HOSA, and dance. In addition, she has earned a Medical Assisting Externship. The theme for her highly-anticipated senior shoot (she’s been waiting eagerly for her own turn in front of the lens!) was editorial, with high end glam mixed in. We cranked up our favorite Beyonce tunes, and went to town!

Ashley, thank you for your never ending love. For being my right-hand woman for so many years, for the adventures we’ve had, for the stories we will be able to tell years from now and for giving me a reason to believe in and love you more then I ever thought I would. Who knew you would go from that kid in the corner I didn’t know, to truly changing my heart and life not long after. I never could have imagined all that we would go through together then, but I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to experience so much with you… I will be so sad the day I have to give you that last hug before you head to college, but I guarantee you- our story won’t stop there ;-). We have many years of laughter and tons of memories that are still left to be created. You’re destined for greatness and don’t settle for anything less. I love you!


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