The Best Senior Photography In California- Valencia, Ventura, Oxnard, Los Angeles

Senior Photography has changed in a BIG way! Gone are the days of stuffy backdrops with over crowded rooms and an insane amount of people getting the same three poses their best friend got. Gone are the days of the ugly filtered photos, simple black and white photographs and basic lighting. It is 2018 and the best senior photography in the world has changed, remarkably! Personally, we’re super grateful for that!

So, how have things changed? Let us be the first to tell you!

1) Location, Location, Location!
Location for your senior photography is EVERYTHING and more. Let me tell you a secret, any type of background in the world you want, we can basically create and find something similar right here in California. However, these days we have traveled the world and taken our teens and seniors as far as Paris, London and outside states within the US. Our goal is simple, create the best senior photography in the most incredible places we possibly can!

2) Hair and Make-Up
Goodbye hair and make-up artists. While they are an incredible asset with the power of Youtube most young ladies can do their hair and make-up just as wonderfully as those who are trained with schooling. While we do have the option for you to get your hair and make-up done right here in the studio, most prefer to do their own. A full face of make-up is a necessity and a hair style that will last several locations and outfit changes is a MUST! The best senior photography begins with looking and feeling your best!

3) Reveal and Order Session
Overpriced and overrated products are a staple of basic school photography. If you are going to spend money on senior photographs, please invest in the very best! Feel your best, look your best, create your future. These are the things that your senior photographs should convey and are a staple item for our sessions. We want this to be so much more then just a basic photography session. We want this to be the best senior photography session you ever experience and get to experience for years to come!

We may be a little biased but, check out the best senior photography HERE!

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