Oak Hills Senior Crew Spotlight: Ashley Hart

Meet, Ashley Hart!
Oak Hills High School
Senior Crew & Cheerleader

Have you ever been a part of a photography team in past years?

No but I am super excited!
Why did you want to be a part of the Senior Crew?
I just fell in love with your photos and your past Senior Crew had said that they had a lot of fun and that being a part of the BMP family is really great!
What are you most excited about going into your last year of high school?
Honestly, all the activities. Prom, Grad Night, Graduation. My school really focuses on seniors throughout the year so there is a lot to look forward too.
What has been your favorite part about being part of the Senior Crew?
Meeting everyone on the Crew and getting to know them. I’m excited to do our outings, group shoots, etc. and spend more time with them.
What advice would you give to someone creating a Spokesmodel Program?
Get as much diversity as you can within the group. Different people, backgrounds, school activities, etc.oak hills_adelanto_phelan_victorville_hesperia_laketahoe_reno_carsoncity_wedding_senior_photography oak hills_adelanto_phelan_victorville_hesperia_laketahoe_reno_carsoncity_wedding_senior_photography

To view more information about having your Senior Session with BMP visit this link and remember to let them know Ashley sent you: www.bethanymillerr.wpengine.com

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