Serrano Senior Crew Spotlight: Michelle Trudeau

Meet Michelle Trudeau!
Serrano High School
Senior Crew, Cheerleader, Vocal Point, BeDazzled

What are you most excited about for your Senior year of High School?
The thing I am most excited about senior year is the fact that it is SENIOR YEAR! It is accompanied by so many lasts but also so many firsts. It’s the last dance I go to, the last football game I cheer for, and the last time I will be surrounded by all the people I have grown up with my whole life. It’s the first time applying to college, seeing how all your hard work over the last 13 years of our lives has finally paid off, and being thrown into this big world on our own. There is so many exciting events that happen during your final year of high school, and I just can not wait to enjoy every single minute of it!

Who in your life inspires you the most and why??
I do not have just one person who inspires me the most. Both of my parents have an equal influence on me. The best advice they have given me is to always follow my dreams but have a back up plan. Now being older I realize what they meant. Even though I thought they did not believe in me before, I was far from right. They were just preparing me for what is to come, and I have come to learn that they are my biggest fans. They both support me in everything I do whether it be cheer, choir, or my academics. They have shown me love, faith, and how to never give up on what you believe in. They work hard at their jobs, and always find time for their three kids. I guess they are my biggest fans just as much as I am theirs. They mean the world to me and I would be no where without their love, support, and wisdom.

What is your favorite part of being in the BMP Senior Crew?
I absolutely LOVE being a part of this wonderful senior crew! My favorite part is just spending time with the great people I have met through this program. No matter what we are doing or where we are, there is always laughter going on around us. We bring out the best in each other and honestly, it does not even feel like a “crew” but more like a family. I love our random sonic meet ups, our constant vogues, and my mid-laugh pictures! Every part is my favorite part. It is just such a great experience!

What made you choose Bethany Miller Photography over every other photographer?
I chose Bethany Miller over other photographers because she gets to know you before your shoot. She understands what you want in a session and without a doubt she makes it happen! She finds the best angles and poses for each individual, but she also is not afraid to try something new if they are! She is such a kind and generous soul who cares and takes pride in her work. Plus, her work is amazing! After talking to a few people and checking out her work I KNEW this program was for me! I wouldn’t have gone any other way!

What extracurriculars and activities will you be participating in during your last year in high school at Serrano?
I am on Serrano’s cheer team as one of three captains. I am excited because I am a four year cheerleader, and this is my final year cheering. I can not wait to cheer on our football boys as well as all of our other teams such as basketball, wresting, and volleyball! (Our volleyball team is supppeerrr good!). I am also in Serrano’s advanced mixed show choir, Vocal Point. We compete during our second semester and rehearse all year. Both of these teams are not really even teams. We are all family. We have each other’s backs no matter the circumstances, and I would not have it any other way! I will also be in our intermediate women’s show choir, BeDazzled! I love to sing, dance, cheer, and stunt! I have a passion for so many things and honestly, I am just truly blessed to be a part of such great programs with the best people! I am just excited for everything! In my opinion this calls for an unforgettable senior year!

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