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Marriage is one thing: breathtaking.  In early 2011 I met my then boyfriend. Although we never “officially” put a title on it ????. In 2013 we got engaged. In 2014 we got married and in 2016 we have officially been married over two years. That means 5 years down and a lifetime to go of love, happiness, perseverance and never ending memories with someone that is truly one of the greatest gifts from God.

Notice… nowhere in there did I say there was a bridal shower, bachelorette party, honeymoon, etc. We did without the “parties” and have learned to do LIFE big by sharing in “moments” together! The money we were given during our wedding and what we would have spent on large parties was donated to veteran outreach, active military forces support groups and military spouse education. Those people and organizations needed the money and the blessings more then we needed a vacation. Now, don’t get me wrong. We had a “couples” engagement party thrown at my mother-in-law’s house by my beautiful sisters and mom in love, my actual mom and my beautiful maid of honor. However, thanks to the military and thanks to having to train- Ehren was unable to attend. Which meant simply, I was on my own in one of our biggest “couple” celebrations. But it was exactly that, I was on my own for a party and he was out training to defend our country. How can you not adore a man that would fight like hell for his country and to keep other’s safe. If he would do that for a stranger, imagine what he would do for me!

Our decision to gift the money to charities… Well, it’s not for everyone. But I would make that decision all over again. I don’t know what lives were blessed because of our donations. But I do know that there is someone in the world who sleeps better at night because of it. I love that this man and I share an undying passion to help and empower others. Our marriage is in one word- fulfilling.

Tahoe_Reno_Carson_City_Los_Angeles_Orange_County_Wedding_PhotographyTo view some AMAZING organizations and ways for you to help give back to the incredible military families who need the support, view the below links:
Hope For The Warriors
Soldiers Angels
Operation Homefront

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