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the terrace club

Can you believe these two have been together 14 years!? Yep! Just little babies in high school! Now with their own little one, surrounded by friends and family, they got married in the beautiful Dripping Springs rolling hills at one of our favorite venues, the Terrace Club!

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They say that in your lifetime you’ll experience multiple careers, people that you love, friends that come, friends that go and most recently for me… the place I will call home. When Ehren and I first got orders from the Army to move to California, I remember thinking- we’ve got this. We get to build […]

The Next Chapter… Reno

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I started with this beautiful first group of spokesmodels about 18 months ago. What I didn’t know then, is how much of a HUGE influence they were going to have on my life and how much of my heart they would end up capturing. These now graduated high school seniors have become family. From late night […]

Senior Crew 2017 | We Love You

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They say that everyday, you train your heart and mind to feel and express emotions. To feel happiness, sadness, joy, frustration, smiles, frowns and in my book the most important of them all, love. I don’t really know where I’m supposed to begin so I figure it’s probably best to just start at the end. It’s […]

So this is where the end begins

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Marriage is one thing: breathtaking.  In early 2011 I met my then boyfriend. Although we never “officially” put a title on it ????. In 2013 we got engaged. In 2014 we got married and in 2016 we have officially been married over two years. That means 5 years down and a lifetime to go of love, […]


Giving Back | Personal

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As the years continue on, as life begins to evolve and change, as moments in time seem like they pass us by all too quickly, I continually begin to find myself looking back at memories. I still remember vividly what that first day was like with you. I remember being so nervous that I was […]

It’s So Much More Then Photography…