Ventura Wedding Photographer, Oxnard, Valencia, California Best Wedding Portraits

While our wedding day was not fulfilled by a ventura wedding photographer, it is one that will always be most important to me. I remember when planning our wedding we were trying to figure out where and when the big day would take place. With my family and friends between several states and Ehren’s in several states, making a decision was hard. What we knew, was we needed somewhere that was easy to get to for those that were flying in and was a fun destination city for those coming in from out of town. We wanted a “destination” location that had a ton to offer so we could enjoy the weekend with the friends and family that we loved the most.

Every single time we get asked by our brides to be their ventura wedding photographer or destination wedding photographer, of course we want to be sure their day unfolds in the most perfect way possible. Naturally, as planning begins they will ask for advice on certain aspects of their wedding to help decide what will make the best possible outcome for their wedding day. My advice is always one simple thing, “do what makes you happy and is going to leave you feeling loved after your wedding day.”

As years continue on and couples continue to get married, traditions always change. For us, what was most important on our wedding day was including those we loved the most in our special day. That meant dedicating different aspects of the most important weekend of our lives to the people who had helped shape who we are today.

As most know, we got married in Sacramento, CA. Everyone’s initial reaction was “why did you pick Sacramento?” Well, we don’t really know for a lack of better words. It was an easy drive for Ehren’s friends and family from Reno/Carson City. It was a less expensive city to fly to then most so those who were coming from out of town, it made it more affordable. Our wedding venue itself was just a few miles from the airport and it made it just a bit more possible for those we loved to be there.

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