The Next Chapter… Reno

They say that in your lifetime you’ll experience multiple careers, people that you love, friends that come, friends that go and most recently for me… the place I will call home. When Ehren and I first got orders from the Army to move to California, I remember thinking- we’ve got this. We get to build a second home together, meet new people, experience a new job, etc. We quickly went into moving plans and since then we have met new friends that are now like family. We’ve experienced life, all the good and bad moments. We’ve found new passions and careers. We’ve strengthened our love and our friendship over the years. But most importantly, I can still look back at where it all started and smile.

I have spent these last four years laughing, crying, sometimes laughing because i’m crying and every emotion in between. It’s been the hardest and most rewarding four years of my life to date. I could have never known that I would experience the things I did in such a short amount of time. But now as we load up the last of the boxes to head out to Reno, I am more grateful then ever for what we have created. I know I will always have “family” to come home to, everything from perfectly green mountains to wide open desert all within 30 minutes of one another and a place filled with so many memories that I couldn’t forget this crazy city even if I tried.

The funny part is, everyone keeps saying their goodbyes and on the inside I just have to giggle a little. My entire world is right here in this city that I had huge hopes and dreams for.

“A girl with a dream becomes a woman with a vision”

I have spent my ENTIRE life helping people, believing in them, teaching them and mentoring them. When I created this vision of what I wanted out of my life- at 5 years old I would have told you I wanted to be a teacher, and at 16 years old I would have told you I wanted to be in the Radiology field. Little did I know, that wasn’t necessarily the exact path that God intended for me. But in some cases it came true. I get to teach, mentor and protect through my spokesmodel program.

I have been blessed in the last four years to have over 300 beautiful young ladies and handsome gentleman become a part of my life and our family. We have gone on road trips from California to outside states, across the country to New York and soon the world in Paris. We have talked about their families, their dreams, their blessings, their relationships and what gives them motivation to continue on a path of greatness. What I never realized in the process of it all- is that I was learning more about myself and who I was destined to be then I even knew was humanly possible. For the first time in a very long time, I think i’m right where I need to be. I get the chance to not only touch lives and share our spokesmodel family with those in California but now I get to expand it even further and begin our Nevada team.

Reno is our next adventure. But it won’t be the last one. 


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