Rylee D | Legacy Spokesmodel | Victor Valley High School

“Your worth as a human being is not measured by the amount of likes you get
or followers you have on social media. Do not let others hold the power of how
you feel about yourself in their hands, because all they will do is let it slip through their fingers. You only live once, so buy the shoes, eat the cake, take the dare, don’t
be fake, paint it bold, don’t count the costs, laugh out loud, be the boss,
take the cruise, fly first class, and do what you love, it’s your only task!”
-Rylee, Class of 2019

When Rylee speaks about my spokesmodel program, she refers to it as being “part of a family”, and that makes my heart soar. That’s the vision I have always had for the program, and for the young people involved, to feel enveloped and a sense of community. Rylee is part of my legacy spokesmodel team, and attends Victor Valley High School. As part of the mighty Class of 2019, she is poised to take on the last bit of her high school career, and is doing so with grace and strength. Rylee is involved in AVID, softball, and is involved in founding a club called Glamour Girls, which will offer women at retirement homes beauty services. She is passionate about the written word, and literature as a whole, and hopes to attend college at University of Notre Dame, or University of California at Irvine. “I plan to major in english education, so I can be a middle or high school teacher…teachers have been a very big influence in my life, and I want to inspire other people”, she explains.

As an accomplished dancer, she adds, “This year, I am  hoping to place more focus on my dance. I have fallen back in love with the art of dancing after losing my focus. It has become my happiness and my outlet for expression again, and this year is going to be magical!” For her session, she hoped for a soft and pretty location on the beach, and chose the perfect wardrobe of flowy and feminine outfits. The beach holds special meaning for her, because she used to go to the beach every day with her aunt, and it represents tranquility. “I chose BMP for my photography because the people who I knew were involved were people I would like to get to know and I loved the idea of being part of this family”, she says, “When booking my session, I was most excited about getting to make it customized for me. I loved the idea that other people could have similar sessions as mine but this would be the only one exactly like mine. I felt confident in myself during the shoot, and that is something I had struggled with prior. I felt comfortable and good about myself. I was free!”

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