Arely | Senior Crew Spokesmodel | Oak Hills High School

I find new things to inspire me in each and every senior I meet…their compassion, love, and desire to do good keep me always striving to improve myself along my own journey. Arely is one of those seniors; and her huge heart is something I really admire. One example of this is her sweet message to her mom that she displayed proudly on her graduation cap. I hope her mom is so proud of the young woman she has raised! “My mom is my biggest inspiration, because she left her family in Mexico to give my brothers and I a better life and a better education”, explains this grad, “When my parents got divorced, she raised us all by herself. She strived to go to beauty school, and got her license, while raising me and taking me to school and studying long nights. I couldn’t have asked for a better mother.” Such kind words and appreciation for others are both hallmarks of this sweet girls personality.

Arely recently graduated from Oak Hills High School, where she was involved in the peer assistance program, and the poetry club. “I’d probably describe myself as down to earth, compassionate, and passionate about the things I care about”, she says, “I can’t wait to start college, and begin my dream of becoming a nurse. I will be attending West Coast University. My dad is a doctor, so the medical field runs in my family, and I enjoy helping people.” She also enjoys being in nature, so she wanted an outdoor session. “I enjoyed working with Bethany, and the outfits and posing were really important to me”, she adds,  “I ended up choosing BMP because she does amazing work, and each picture was taken with love and passion. My time in high school has flown by, and I know it sounds cliche, but I’d tell incoming freshman to not be afraid to be themselves, because who you are is awesome!”

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