Be Audacious. Be Impactful. Be Fearless

It’s funny really-  you think going through high school that everything is the end of the world or in some cases, just the beginning. In that moment it feels like there won’t be an end to the sadness, happiness, thousands of tests you may or may not pass, school dances that you’re eagerly awaiting to be asked to, the stories from weekend adventures, football games that are larger then life (Go Bulldawgs!) and of course, the friendships you make along the way. And then, your Senior year approaches. You begin to start attending your “lasts”. Your last homecoming game, your last winter formal, your last high school final, your last prom, your last look at that school full of memories as you drive out of the student lot. In that moment, you’ll simply think, “I won’t ever be back” and for the first time in four years of attending high school, you’ll realize how much of an impact every single decision and every single moment has made on your life leading up to that final bell telling you that you. are. free. For the first time, you’re no longer labeled as the popular kid, the jock, the theater guy, the band nerd or whoever your fellow classmates have labeled you to be. You get to redefine yourself. 

Well, that’s what everyone says anyway. For some of us you get to move to a new city and start completely over. The thing about it is, you had that ability all along. You could define who you were, who you wanted to be and could start over at any point. It’s 2017 and for some reason we still let labels and what other people tell us about ourselves define who we are. For some reason we allow the “popular” to prey on the “outcasts.” Here’s the thing though, in what world outside of high school does any of that matter? And in what 6 figure corporate job are they going to ask you in an interview who you chose to push aside. Dear world, choose kindness. Choose kindness EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Be who you want to be. Believe in the people you love. Lift one another up instead of tearing each-other down.

and for the first time in your life, choose YOUR happiness. not someone else’s.



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