Mariah | Legacy Spokesmodel | Encore Performing Arts High School

I was reading the other day about how you are the “average of the five people you spend the most time with”…isn’t that interesting? It sure puts things into perspective about the people you look up to, or the way they shape your life. Mariah is one of my Legacy Spokesmodels, and her hero is her mom, who she says, “is my rock, and my best friend. My mom grew up deaf, and had a difficult childhood. Back when she was growing up, they didn’t have support like we do now, but she kept fighting all the way. She taught me that no matter how anyone treats you, you should treat them with respect!” Mariah also listed ME as one of her heroes, which blew me away and honestly, made me feel super grateful. She says, “Bethany is one of my heroes, because she believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. She taught me about life and how to face the world, I am so blessed to have her in my life”. I feel incredibly honored to be someone’s hero, and I hope that every young woman who comes to me for portraits feels that I believe in them, because I do.

Mariah is part of my legacy spokesmodels team at Encore Performing Arts High School, where she is preparing for her 2018 graduation, and thinking ahead to her future. She is a beautiful and accomplished dancer, and hopes to major in dance at her future college home. She dances at both her school, and her local studio, HS Dance Scene, every day and says she “wouldn’t trade it for the world” She wanted to be part of my spokesmodel team because, “I wanted to get out of my shell and meet new people. After I booked my session, I was so excited to feel like a model again and experience the whole photoshoot thing! My favorite part was changing into outfits and outfits because I was so excited to see the outcome of it. My vision was very bold, and I admit, I was kind of nervous about this vision. But when I got there, I said to myself  This is it. This is the vision I’ve thought about in my head.” I loved the way her urban inspired session came together to show her graceful and bold personality, and isn’t she just stunning?? After she finishes her college major in dance, she will be getting her masters in Special Education in order to teach dance therapy to persons with special needs. I know she will be amazing at this endeavor, and that her students will be so blessed. Mariah, I can’t believe I am one of your heroes, but PLEASE never forget that it’s you who inspires me to love without bounds and see potential in everyone!

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