Alyssa B | Senior Crew Spokesmodel | Serrano High School

If you missed it, I recently wrote about how meaningful my senior crew members have been to my heart. They truly became like family to me in our time together, and I’m so very proud to have them graduated and off to chase their dreams at wherever life takes them next. This is one of those amazing young people: Alyssa, from Serrano High School. I’ve been so impressed as I’ve gotten to know her, in how much she seems to be discovering who she is..and who she is, it’s pretty fantastic. She’s beautiful, smart, and highly driven. She is also an extremely giving person, who holds her friends and family dear, and strives to make her world and community better with every chance she has.

After graduation, she will be taking a cruise with her family and her best friend; a well-earned vacation after senior year! She was a cheerleader, and also part of the Sheriff Explorer program, which helps train students who may be interested in law enforcement careers after high school. Alyssa plans to attend Chaffey College, and later transfer to a four year university. Psychology is her prospective major, and she wants to become a criminal psychologist. She says she would describe herself as calm and fun, and adds that she loves being spontaneous. As far as her time in high school, Alyssa adds, “The most important thing I’ve learned in the last four years is to not let anyone influence my decisions in a negative way. I also learned to really look up to my mom, who has given me everything”. We had a great time together with the rest of my spokesmodel team, and Alyssa concludes, “My experience with BMP was great. I loved all the people I met through the year, and the way we all became so close!”  

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