Ashlee R | Senior Crew Spokesmodel | Sultana High School

I believe the lessons we learn in high school are ones we carry with us forever. That’s why I just love when I hear from seniors or teens who are learning and grasping such important moral and personal lessons in their time in high school; because I know they will implement those choices and decisions all their lives. Take Ashlee for example, she says the most important thing she’s learned in high school is, “I think the most important thing I’ve learned is to remind myself that if something won’t matter in five years, it’s not worth staying mad over.” This Sultana High School grad is mature, kind, and wise, and I loved her words because holding grudges can be the most toxic thing for anyone to do. Ashlee describes herself as “bubbly, sassy, and outgoing”, and cites her sister as her hero, because of the way she taught her to believe in herself. At Sultana, Ashlee participates in cheerleading, track and field, ASB, Zoo Crew, the Link Crew, and the Teal Club.

Post graduation, this girl has big plans to continue making a difference in people’s lives. She plans to attend Fresno State University, and major in mathematics to become a high school math instructor. “I’ve always known I wanted to be a math teacher”, she explains, “I want to make a difference in the life of students. I am so excited to get to college and get an experience that is different than what I know..Fresno is about four hours away from home, so I will gain more independence. I am most excited that I will also get to cheerlead there, and am honored that it’s a Division I school.” Ashlee requested for her session to represent the hard work she invested into her years in high school, and wanted something that captured her senior year. We did some in her cheer uniform, some with her cap and gown (love the teal!), and then she had selected a few other cute ensembles that really showed off her personality!

Thanks, Ashlee, for being part of my senior spokesmodel team…I am proud to have ambitious young women like you representing me this year!

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