Elizabeth | Senior Crew Spokesmodel | Serrano High School

How do I really capture a senior? How do I encompass four years of hard work, patience, passion, and drive? I start by getting to know my clients. I want more than just a name and a number, and I want my clients to feel like they are much more than just a box on a checklist. That’s why my heart is for a genuine connection, and why I think that my senior photos really do feel just a little bit different than other senior photographers. This beautiful girl was part of my senior spokesmodel team this year, representing Serrano High School, and I loved capturing the joy that she is, and the kind, graceful, and wonderful person that she is becoming. Elizabeth (Beth) was eagerly awaiting her senior year, and says, “The biggest thing I was looking forward to was being able to make my last few memories with my friends. It was so important to me to leave a lasting impression with the people I’ve met during my time at my school, church, and the dance studio. I was very focused on balancing my time at school and dance so that I could have memories with my dance family, and still have time for school events and activities. Now, I am looking forward to following my dreams and put my happiness first. I’ve always believed that being happy and pursuing your dreams is the most important key to success!”

Elizabeth suggested this pretty location because she wanted the feel of a small-town, and this urban area fit the bill. She is an incredible dancer, and will be continuing her passion for dance when she enters college at California State University of Sacramento. Right now, she is working hard on completing her gen-ed classes at a local community college, then will transfer to CSU Sacramento, where her hard work has already earned her a spot in the dance program. Her sights are also set on the Sacramento Ballet. “Not only have I been dancing for 15 years, but as a little girl, my mom and grandmother often took me to see performances produced by the Sacramento Ballet”, she explains, “That truly inspired me to become a dancer. That is a major reason why I chose to attend CSU Sacramento”. Because of her dedication to dance, she didn’t have much spare time for school clubs, but during her senior year, she made sure to attend lots of school events like football games and dances. “If I could give anyone advice as an incoming freshman, I’d say no matter what, make memories”, she concludes, “You need to find and keep a few good friends, and be open to new experiences and ideas. And of course, don’t change who you are for anyone. It’s so important to be comfortable and happy with yourself.”

I chose BMP because I have known Bethany for a few years now and every time I have ever had a photoshoot with her, I have not only loved the pictures, but loved the experience of the session. A photoshoot with Bethany has always given me more confidence. I was most excited to book a session where I could chose the location and wardrobe and really showcase my style in my shoot! -Beth, Class of 2017

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