Gianna Viola | VIP BMP | Cypress School Of The Arts

I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing this session on the blog today. Have you heard about the BMP VIP program I have started? I have had this message and cause on my heart for awhile, and it has recently come to fruition in this amazing program. The ages of 8-13 are a formative time in a young girl’s life, and they are often bombarded with messages about appearance, worth and beauty, and I wanted to bring positivity to that time in their lives. So, I started this program to capture them and show them their beauty, and to match them up with their own “big sisters”, outstanding young women from my spokesmodel program. It has been absolutely beautiful to watch!

Gianna is a fifth grader at Cypress School of the Arts, and had a huge personality and the sweetest smile. At her school, she is involved in dance, the talent shows, and plays the violin. She has big dreams of being a choreographer, and says, “My dance competitions are special to me,  because I get to make new memories and dance with my friends”. She describes herself as a “smart and honest” person, and brought so much energy to my VIP program. She says, “I chose to be part of this program because of Bethany as a person. I also was so excited to see how my pictures came out, and my favorite part was the overall experience.”

To learn more about my work with my VIP team, and the amazing girls who are a part of it, you can visit our VIP page.  I am so grateful to be the one getting to photograph these lovely and inspiring young people!

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