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Can you believe these two have been together 14 years!? Yep! Just little babies in high school! Now with their own little one, surrounded by friends and family, they got married in the beautiful Dripping Springs rolling hills at one of our favorite venues, the Terrace Club!

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I was reading the other day about how you are the “average of the five people you spend the most time with”…isn’t that interesting? It sure puts things into perspective about the people you look up to, or the way they shape your life. Mariah is one of my Legacy Spokesmodels, and her hero is […]

Mariah | Legacy Spokesmodel | Encore Performing Arts High School

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Ashley met me for our first session together four years ago, and although it’s hard to believe that much time has passed, I love how our friendship has grown. Ashley and I have been mistaken for relatives in different variations (mom/ daughter, sisters), and the reality is, after so much time, we ARE just like […]

Ashley | Senior Crew Spokesmodel | Serrano High School

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Any time I feel lost, I pull out a map and stare. I stare until I have reminded myself that life is a giant adventure, so much to do, and to see. -Angelina Jolie I’m a firm believe that one must always be seeking adventure. As a creative and a photographer, I relish the idea […]

Alyssa | Senior Crew Spokesmodel | Serrano High School

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Did you know there’s things nobody seems to mention when you plan your wedding? Here’s the thing, creating your perfect day is downright INSANITY (although worth it!) … this is why you choose the wedding party filled with people who could be considered your ultimate sidekicks during the planning process. 1. Your friends don’t have to be in your […]


10 Things People Don’t Tell You When Planning A Wedding

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Meet Teal Victor Valley Christian ASB Member & Dance Competition Team Teal is one of the most beautiful seniors and Los Angeles was so amazing to us! The light was incredible, the location was to die for and Teal’s styling NAILED it down pat! I’m so lucky to have her as part of my 2016 Senior […]

High School Senior Photographer_Los Angeles Photography_Oak Hills_Victorville_Hesperia_Adelanto_Phelan_Apple Valley_Austin_RoundRock_Reno_Carson Teal Drake_

Victor Valley Christian I Class Of 2016 I Teal

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Alyssa, is one of our Senior Crew Spokesmodels and represents Oak Hills High School. She’s not only ridiculously stunning but so full of life and wisdom. She strongly follows her faith and actively attends her church. She’s a beautiful soul both inside and out and we consider ourselves beyond lucky that she chose us to […]

High School Senior Photographer_Beach Inspired Senior Session_Oak Hills_Victorville_Hesperia_Adelanto_Phelan_Apple Valley_Reno_Carson City_Sparks_Nevada_California_Alyssa Solomon_

Oak Hills High School I Class Of 2016 I Alyssa