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Can you believe these two have been together 14 years!? Yep! Just little babies in high school! Now with their own little one, surrounded by friends and family, they got married in the beautiful Dripping Springs rolling hills at one of our favorite venues, the Terrace Club!

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If you missed it, I recently wrote about how meaningful my senior crew members have been to my heart. They truly became like family to me in our time together, and I’m so very proud to have them graduated and off to chase their dreams at wherever life takes them next. This is one of […]

Alyssa B | Senior Crew Spokesmodel | Serrano High School

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I started with this beautiful first group of spokesmodels about 18 months ago. What I didn’t know then, is how much of a HUGE influence they were going to have on my life and how much of my heart they would end up capturing. These now graduated high school seniors have become family. From late night […]

Senior Crew 2017 | We Love You

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I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing this session on the blog today. Have you heard about the BMP VIP program I have started? I have had this message and cause on my heart for awhile, and it has recently come to fruition in this amazing program. The ages of 8-13 are a formative […]

Gianna Viola | VIP BMP | Cypress School Of The Arts

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Sometimes, the simplest ideas can be the best ones! Take Alyssa’s streamlined, classic wardrobe for example. She chose a soft ribbed blue tank and light wash jeans for a really chic look that was comprised of basics that you probably have in your closet right now! She then added pretty sneakers and a shimmery nail […]

Alyssa | Legacy Spokesmodel | Excelsior Charter School

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Ashley met me for our first session together four years ago, and although it’s hard to believe that much time has passed, I love how our friendship has grown. Ashley and I have been mistaken for relatives in different variations (mom/ daughter, sisters), and the reality is, after so much time, we ARE just like […]

Ashley | Senior Crew Spokesmodel | Serrano High School

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Any time I feel lost, I pull out a map and stare. I stare until I have reminded myself that life is a giant adventure, so much to do, and to see. -Angelina Jolie I’m a firm believe that one must always be seeking adventure. As a creative and a photographer, I relish the idea […]

Alyssa | Senior Crew Spokesmodel | Serrano High School

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Building Your Senior Spokesmodel Program With Tosha Cole Photography What made you decide to build a Spokesmodel Program? “When I first decided to build a spokesmodel program I did it because I wanted to up my senior game! I wanted my experience to get out there as being the BEST in town! There is no better […]


Building Your Spokesmodel Program With Tosha Cole