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the terrace club

Can you believe these two have been together 14 years!? Yep! Just little babies in high school! Now with their own little one, surrounded by friends and family, they got married in the beautiful Dripping Springs rolling hills at one of our favorite venues, the Terrace Club!

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They say that in your lifetime you’ll experience multiple careers, people that you love, friends that come, friends that go and most recently for me… the place I will call home. When Ehren and I first got orders from the Army to move to California, I remember thinking- we’ve got this. We get to build […]

The Next Chapter… Reno

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“Your worth as a human being is not measured by the amount of likes you get or followers you have on social media. Do not let others hold the power of how you feel about yourself in their hands, because all they will do is let it slip through their fingers. You only live once, […]

Rylee D | Legacy Spokesmodel | Victor Valley High School

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I find new things to inspire me in each and every senior I meet…their compassion, love, and desire to do good keep me always striving to improve myself along my own journey. Arely is one of those seniors; and her huge heart is something I really admire. One example of this is her sweet message […]

Arely | Senior Crew Spokesmodel | Oak Hills High School

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They say eyes are the window to the soul. When Ashley looks into yours, you can see exactly who she is. It was such a privilege capturing that moment in our shoot! Ashley loves the beach, so naturally she chose it for our shoot. The weather was gorgeous, and you can almost smell the salty […]

Ashley H | Senior Spokesmodels | Class of 2017

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How do I really capture a senior? How do I encompass four years of hard work, patience, passion, and drive? I start by getting to know my clients. I want more than just a name and a number, and I want my clients to feel like they are much more than just a box on […]

Elizabeth | Senior Crew Spokesmodel | Serrano High School

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I believe the lessons we learn in high school are ones we carry with us forever. That’s why I just love when I hear from seniors or teens who are learning and grasping such important moral and personal lessons in their time in high school; because I know they will implement those choices and decisions […]

Ashlee R | Senior Crew Spokesmodel | Sultana High School

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If you missed it, I recently wrote about how meaningful my senior crew members have been to my heart. They truly became like family to me in our time together, and I’m so very proud to have them graduated and off to chase their dreams at wherever life takes them next. This is one of […]

Alyssa B | Senior Crew Spokesmodel | Serrano High School